Nommos Architecture and Urbanisme, founded in 2014 by Arnaud Réaux architect, is an Urban Ecology Office specializing in architecture and urban development projects in flood risk area, and flood prevention in urban areas. We have a business studies and advice on integration issues (flooding, health) and potential (resources) of water in the city, in France and international.

We are committed to the creation of inhabited landscapes capable of accepting water fluctuations while generating biodiversity. Water is vital for structuring a sustainable urban planning, the project is the way to produce changing landscapes.


  1. A technical advisory mission to define a long-term flood strategy.
  2. Technical proposals at different scales.
  3. Consultation and cooperation with the public, on three types of development :



Prepare the evolution of the territories to climate change, while creating new appropriations territories by establishing new landscapes inhabited. Living with water, around water. Accept its rhythms, without fear. Structure sustainable-urbanism by water provides a long-term vision.

  protection   of     th  e coasts

protection of the coasts

   ri  si  ng waters

 rising waters

  river   b  anks

river banks


Produce architectures that assume changes in water level. Accept water as part of the construction. Elevation, float, on stilts, submersible .. a complete vocabulary for innovate solution that allows to live with water. Architecture can easily absorb the water inlets, and return to normal situation shortly after. Develop architectural solutions to prevent the water rising :

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Creating innovative landscapes that offer the opportunity to connect people with the natural element. Restructure the territory, by allowing the evolution of ecosystems. Allow water to seep into the ground to reduce the risk of flooding. Renaturing rivers, to re-learn to live with the natural elements. Use phytoremediation to clean water while creating an intense plant landscape.

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A urban water strategy for a sustainable development

We propose to develop a strategy based on the desire to imbricate the different project scales. Urbanism, Architecture and Landscape are all connected to the territorial scale of water. Water becomes the structure of a territorial thinking. For us, the proposed project capitalizes on a combination of ecological, political , and economic fators to create a comprehensive flood strategy.

Latest projects

 Sala Robam, Kep

Sala Robam, Kep

 Floating House, Dunkerque

Floating House, Dunkerque

 Submersible House, Noirmoutier-en-l'Île

Submersible House, Noirmoutier-en-l'Île

 UrbanWaterWire, Kep

UrbanWaterWire, Kep

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